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Can I do the microblading during pregnancy or lactation?

Microblading, also called hair-by-hair eyebrows, is a beauty treatment whereby the eyebrows are ‘tattooed,’ making them semi-permanent, beautiful, bushy, and supernatural. In the following lines, in addition to knowing all the secrets of this novel technique, we are going to answer two other questions that many of you have inevitably asked yourself:  can I do microblading during pregnancy? What if I’m breastfeeding? Keep reading and get out of doubt!

What is the technique of eyebrows hair by hair?

What is the technique of eyebrows hair by hair?

As the name suggests, the technique of eyebrows hair by hair consists of drawing on the skin each hair of the eyebrow so that there are no blank spaces. It is a tattoo that is not permanent but almost through which the eyebrows are colored so that they are beautiful, natural, and with no new spaces insight.

Why do we say that it is not permanent but almost? Well, it lasts from 12 to 18 months. Unlike micropigmentation that can be permanent, microblading lasts a little more than the first day, depending on the type of skin of each and the care given to them.

We have then that thanks to this chic beauty treatment, the eyebrows are thick, full of color and very natural as well as thick and made-up from morning tonight. So are hair-by-hair eyebrows fit for everyone? Can I have them too if I’m expecting a baby? What if I’m breastfeeding? Let’s see it!

Can I do the microblading if I am expecting a baby?

Can I do the microblading if I am expecting a baby

Microblading is a beauty treatment that requires more than one visit to your beauty center, so it is very common to consider whether these visits should be postponed for the nine months of the pregnancy.

We must tell you that no evidence or studies is indicating that it is counterproductive to undergo microblading during pregnancy. However, many experts recommend that sessions be canceled until the baby is born since the pigments used in the Microblading are made up of different elements. It is there that doubts arise as to whether these elements, once they come into contact with the skin, can reach the mother’s blood and, therefore, cross into the placenta.

The possibility of infection because the needles are not adequately sterilized must also be taken into account. It is a minimal risk since all studies know the importance of following specific rules. However, there may be oversights. In cases of infection, the mother would receive an antibiotic, which, as you already know, is not highly recommended during pregnancy.

Our advice is the same as that of the doctors, when in doubt, better postpone your microblading sessions for a while and do them at another time when you are sure that nothing will happen.

Microblading during breastfeeding, yes or no?

In the case of lactation, the same thing happens as in pregnancy, there is no evidence that microblading is not advisable at this stage; however, the risks, although minimal, are real. Also, think that it is a somewhat painful technique, so you will not want to go through it if you are breastfeeding, especially if breastfeeding is still in its infancy.

You know, postpone your microblading sessions and enjoy your pregnancy or breastfeeding if there is any risk. 

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