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Can I dye my eyebrows with hair dye? The most appropriate techniques

dye eyebrows

The thing about the eyebrows is a world apart, that if I leave them as they are, that if I dye them my color but a little more intense than if I have now gone from brunette to platinum blonde. I do not know if my eyebrows should also wear the same color as the hair … and speaking of this, can I dye eyebrows with the hair dye? Total, if it is that they have the same color … Keep reading that we have many questions to solve!

Can I dye eyebrows with the hair dye I use?

If you have dyed your hair, you do not have to change the color of your eyebrows, and it can remain the same even if it contrasts with your hair. Now, if you want to do it or want the eyebrows to keep their natural color, but this is a bit more vivid, there is nothing wrong.

You should know, we are disappointed, that you should NOT dye your eyebrows with hair dye, why? You may wonder, because hair dyes are specially designed to adhere to the scalp and are, as a general rule, much more aggressive, if you put it on your eyebrows, the area could be very irritated.

So what can I dye eyebrows with?

dye eyebrows

You have three options to color your eyebrows:

+Special eyebrow tint.

+Natural dye based on henna and lemon juice.

+Special eyebrow dye only permanent.

How can I use them myself at home? You will see, the permanent dye is better to leave it in expert hands because if you put it wrong, you are going to have to leave it like this for a lot of time, so, if you like, let’s see how you can use both at home first, the non-permanent and natural henna-based brow tint.

Steps to use eyebrow tint well (at home):

dye eyebrows

First, you also have to do this if you have opted for henna, you have to wash the area well and wax as you like. And then…

-Put a little neutral petroleum jelly on the eyebrows and the surroundings so that the color does not adhere to the skin.

-Prepare your eyebrow tint mixture as indicated on the package; it is essential that you do it to the letter to obtain good results.

-Apply the mixture to the eyebrow contour first and then follow with the rest of the eyebrows, of course, very carefully.

-Let it work for about 10 minutes and then remove the remains with a little cotton.

Henna to dye your eyebrows naturally:

Put on your gloves to avoid staining (remember to clean your eyebrows) and start the process:

+Mix well in a bowl two tablespoons of henna and a few drops of lemon juice.

+Put petroleum jelly around it to prevent color from sticking to your skin.

+Apply the mixture you have prepared with natural henna on your eyebrows, do the same as in the previous case, first contour and then center. Be careful, in these things you should not be in a hurry because you could get away and not get the result you expect.

+Let the henna work for 30 minutes. Then you will have to put a second layer this time with less amount of product.

+Let it works for another half hour, a little more even if you see that the color has not yet caught on well and, after this time, remove the remains with a bit of cotton or a swab.

+Wash the area and look in the mirror at how good it looks on you.

It is done! Your eyebrows are tinted, and we have not had to use hair dye at all. Perfect!

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