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How to choose the eyebrow pencil color according to your skin and hair tone

eyebrow pencil

Tricks to correctly choose the best eyebrow pencil for you:

Surely you want your eyebrows to look natural, to be defined, and not to have blank spaces that are worth. When you use your pencil, you ask yourself: will this be the color that favors me the most? It seems somewhat simple, but that of hitting the color of this cosmetic has its that, especially if we start from the basis that the color of the eyebrows must be an extension of the hair color and that it must also perfectly complement the skin tone of each. 

How to choose the color of the eyebrow pencilEverything will vary according to your skin and hair tone, and that is that that of wanting to boast of beautiful, natural, and full of color eyebrows is something that we all want. Read on, and you will know which is the perfect eyebrow pencil for you. Let’s see it! 

The eyebrows should match the color of your hair:

eyebrow pencil

The eyebrows should match the hair color. The thing is then very simple if I have black hair, I choose the same tone to color my eyebrows and business are settled, but what if I don’t want them to look so black? What if it turns out I dye my hair, and now I’m light brown? And what about the skin tone of each one? Better we will see it according to each case, do not panic that the thing is simpler than it seems at first glance.

+Girls with brown hair, this eyebrow pencil is for you

If you have light or dark brown hair, go for an eyebrow pencil with a lighter shade. It will make the color of your eyebrows look as natural as possible and super thick. Remember that the mission of the eyebrow pencil is, in addition to giving intensity and uniformity, that they look full of color. What happens if you use a very dark pencil? The eyebrows will look intense but unnatural because the contrast with the hair and skin color will be very noticeable.

+If you are blonde choose a brow pencil a bit darker

If your hair is blonde or super light brown natural or dyed, it does not matter, the color of your eyebrow pencil is a shade or two darker. Here the idea is that the color of the eyebrows is accentuated and is a bit darker than the color you have in your hair, but without going over the top, of course, in this way, you will have the right intensity that your face needs.

You have to choose the tone of the pencil soft and creamy to achieve the desired effect. If you are not used to wearing eyebrows ‘so dark’ since always the lights are bright, you can start with a pencil only one shade darker than the one you are wearing as a base and then change to another shade darker, you do not need to mark your eyebrows a lot But they do show that they contrast with your new light blonde or brown hair.

+Black hair color, brown eyebrow pencil

If your hair color is now charcoal black, you have two options: either use the same black eyebrow pencil or a chocolate brown one. Both are just as beautiful and give you the same result. Now, if your jet black hair is natural, better use the intense black pencil (combining black with black is always a good option), it will help you define the features of your face and make the shine of your hair stand out in its just measure.

+And for those who can boast red hair …

If you are a redhead, that of using a red eyebrow pencil as it does not stick anything at all, right? What can you do then? Something as simple as coloring your eyebrows light or dark blonde depends on your hair’s intensity.

Use your pencil as many times as you want but do not apply a lot because they will look unnatural, especially if you are one of the many redheads who have super clear and little bushy eyebrows.

Tips for choosing the eyebrow pencil color according to your skin tone:

eyebrow pencil

We have seen that the eyebrows’ color must be combined with that of the hair, so you have to choose your eyebrow pencil based on this premise. What do we have now? You were right; see how to choose the eyebrow pencil color according to your skin tone. Do not lose detail that you are about to discover how to look the perfect eyebrows.

+Eyebrow pencil color for light skin girls

The girl’s clear skin should use a brow pencil in dark blond or ash and must do it or yes, nothing to have super clear skin and get heavy black eyebrows, no, no way. If your hair is turning dark in addition to being fair-skinned, you can use a beige or gray pencil.

+If you are brunette; your eyebrows go brown

Whether you are a brunette every day of the year or just in summer, the eyebrow pencil you have in the bag is in a beautiful light brown color. It will be so that your eyebrows are natural and very intense and also go in harmony with the complexion of your face. 

+Matte brown eyebrow pencil if your skin is dark

If your skin is chocolate brown, then your brows go light brown; if your skin is black, your brows go dark matte brown. Harmony, beauty, and a lot of class, can you ask for something more?

Tricks to learn how to take advantage of your eyebrows:

eyebrow pencil

We already know what is the right eyebrow pencil color for each one, right? Well, then we only have to see some valuable tips to learn how to take advantage of the eyebrows.

Learn about the shape of your eyebrows:  straight, arched … It is essential to know the shape they have to get the most out of them. That and knowing if your eyebrows are thin, bushy or thick.

Always keep them well cared for. And with this we want to tell you that you hydrate them just like you do with the rest of the face, that you shave them so that they look beautiful and that you do not try to give them the shape that does not correspond to them, for example, if they are arched, define that arc in more considerable or smaller measure but don’t pretend they are straight.

-Be careful to paint the eyebrows in a color that does not correspond; they can look unnatural and not favored. That thing about wearing orange or yellow eyebrows better than we leave it for celebs, okay?

Now you know how to choose the ideal eyebrow pencil color for you, and you have also discovered how to take care of them so that they are always healthy and beautiful, you can not ask for anything more! 

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