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How to use sunscreen: 7 tips to keep in mind


The summer is approaching, and there is much to prepare: vacation plans with friends, seasonal clothing, and sun cream, an ally of utmost importance to protect our skin from the rays of the sun. Today we tell you how to use the sunscreen correctly, do not lose detail that will be very useful to you. 

1. What factor to choose?


It is mistakenly believed that you should choose the factor of sun cream depending on whether you want to get more or less tan on your skin. The sunscreen does not affect the tone of the skin; its main objective is to protect it, so the best thing to do is to get a cream with factor 30 at least and factor 50 at most. From here, the price increases a lot, but not the protection it offers, so, unless your dermatologist tells you otherwise, a factor 30 or 50 creams will be more than enough.

2. Where should I buy sunscreen?


Wherever you want, in the pharmacy, in the neighborhood supermarket, in the drugstore of a lifetime … The important thing is that you look at the protection factor that we have discussed before and also that the product has the CE seal, which means that the sunscreen has passed the specific controls of the European Union or another official certifying body. This way, you make sure that you are buying a quality protector. 

3. Can I use the sunscreen left over from last year?


As with all products, sun creams also have an expiration date; this is usually 12 months, what’s more, you should know that an open bottle with a number followed by a capital M, refers to the months that it can be open. Pay attention not to make mistakes. 

Should I then throw away the cream and buy a new one? If you opened the cream at the end of the summer, that is, 12 months have not yet passed, you can take advantage of it the first days of summer, if you are not sure it is better to get a new one, and this time write the date on the same bottle opening for next year. 

4. How should I apply sun cream?


Very easy, it should be put at home, about 20 or 30 minutes before exposure to the sun, it should be put on without a swimsuit, to cover all areas of the body well, including those that will be covered with the swimsuit.

Once you have bathed on the beach or the pool, you will have to put the cream on again. Even if it indicates on the label that it is waterproof, they always lose efficacy. What if I sunbathe? You will have to renew the cream every two hours or so, the time it takes for the protector to stop working one hundred percent. 

At the same time, remember that you should be generous with the amount of cream that you put on the skin, spread it well and let it dry a little before putting on your clothes to go to the beach. Don’t forget any part, including the face and feet.

5. And for the face, should I buy another cream?


You can use the same cream or get a specific one for the face. The difference is that those on the face tend to be less pasty; that is, they leave less shine on the skin once they have been absorbed. 

6. Do I have to use aftersun?


Yes, but you have to know that it is only valid to hydrate, so instead of aftersun, you can put your usual moisturizer, that is, when it will no longer give you the sun. 

7. Should I wear the protector also in the city?

Yes, of course, on the beach, pool, mountain, city … From May to October, when the sun has more incidence, we must protect the skin daily, even if we only go for a short walk on the street. Don’t forget about the other physical protectors like hats and sunglasses and remember to avoid the sun in the middle of the day, from 12 to 4 pm. 

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