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Italian manicure: what it is and how to do your nails step by step

Italian manicure: what it is and how to do your nails step by step

Have you ever heard of Italian manicure? Surely yes. Now, what you may not know yet is what the Italian manicure consists of and how to do your nails step by step. Easy, that’s what we are for. We have prepared a guide with all the steps you have to follow to design yourself what seems to be the latest trend in nail art. Believe us, you will love it!

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Italian manicure: what is the latest fashion in nail art?

Italian manicure: what is the latest fashion in nail art?

There are many manicures, all beautiful and unique. However, a specific style is great for styling our fingers, making them appear longer and adding elegance and beauty to our hands. Yes, you guessed right, it is about the Italian manicure. Many already define it as the simple version of the French manicure, why? Well, because its main feature is that it has a thick diagonal line that covers the tip of the nail. From there, each one adds the details that they like the most: colors, rhinestones, flowers …

The nail art is updated every two by three to put at our fingertips (never better said) new and spectacular designs. This is how we discovered Italian manicure, a nail art trend simple to carry out, which is the most beautiful; It is also super indicated to make the nails look sophisticated and refined.

When can I show off my Italian manicure? Well, when you want. To go to the office from Monday to Friday, to go out on the weekend, when you have to attend a formal event … You just have to base the thick line on the nail’s tip and change the decorations and colors as appropriate to each specific occasion.

How to do (at home) the Italian manicure step by step

How to do (at home) the Italian manicure step by step

This Italian manicure sounds good, right? Let us see then what steps are necessary to follow to do it ourselves at home.

Step 1. Clean your nails to remove traces of dirt and any previous enamel.

Step 2. Cut, if necessary, you’re nails so that they are straight and not very long.

Step 3. Put on your nails a first thin layer of hardener enamel. This will ensure that they are intact for several more days. If you prefer, use clear polish as it will do the same thing. 

Step 4. Draw the diagonal line, freehand if you have a good pulse, or with the help of a template. Choose the enamel that you like the most: white, black, bluish … The line should be thick and diagonal. Once you have the range, paint the tip with that same color. If necessary, apply a second coat after the first coat has dried.

Step 5. Add the decorations you like the most on the thick line: flowers, drops of color, rhinestones … Choose according to your personal style and depending on the occasion, you know that a wedding is not the same as a dinner with friends.

Step 6. Once your design has dried, apply a final layer of shine to the entire nail. You will see that the result is spectacular.

The original Italian manicure only has color on the tip of the nail. However, you should know that there are more modern variants that also give color to the rest of the nail. If you want to try, go ahead, but remember that the color that goes at the base of the nail should be lighter than that of the tip and combine well with it.

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