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5 tricks to prevent nails from getting damaged in the pool

5 tips for nails in the pool

Nails are a fundamental part of our body and, therefore, we must use the care and time necessary to keep them healthy and beautiful. In summer, it is essential to add an extra to the care because due to the sun, the pool and being always in contact with the water can damage it.

So that the nails and the manicure do not spoil in the pool, we must take into account the following five tricks.

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5 tips for nails in the pool

One enamel 3 in 1. This type of polish has a transparent or shiny colour and will be an ideal option to combine with any look. The 3 in 1 enamel will act to protect the nail, will give it an extra shine, and will eventually reinforce it.

twoPastel nails. Although in summer the fluorine tones are more fashionable to highlight the sun’s tan, we can choose those pastel enamels. If with these enamels a little corner of the colour is skipped due to the water, it will not be too noticeable and will help you to continue wearing this manicure.

3False manicure. In this type of manicure, you can choose between porcelain, gel, or acrylic; the difference is in taste. With these false nails, the resistance in the pool is more significant and will not harm your natural nails.

Semi-permanent manicure. If the idea of ​​having a false manicure does not appeal to you, you can opt for those long-lasting enamels that guarantee a manicure in perfect condition for two weeks. Its application is the same as that of healthy enamel and is composed of gel.

5Anticipate the exhibition dates. The most recommended is to do the manicure before going to the pool. To make sure we can show off healthy and beautiful nails, we will have to apply the enamel a few days before going to the pool, so they will not be damaged by water. 

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