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Tattoo eyebrows at home: learn to make them up!

dye eyebrows

Eyebrow tattoos: full, bright and perfect:

The eyebrows are one of the main features of the personality of a woman. Depending on its color, shape, or size, they can transmit one image or another of you, which is why its condition, care, and maintenance are very important. The fashions around the eyebrows have been changing according to the years: thin, extra-thin, and, in recent years, populated thanks to celebrities such as Cara DelevingneLily Collins, or Demi Lovato or trends emerging on Instagram such as wavy browns, braided eyebrows or eyebrows feather. Whatever the fashion, products are currently on the market to make the most of them. Have you heard of eyebrow tattoos eyebrow makeup

The eyebrow tattoo is also known as permanent eyebrow makeup and is a technique designed for those women who have few hairs in this area of ​​the face. It can be done at home (below we tell you the process and the products you need), but it is advisable that the first time you go to a professional. Eye! You do not have to visit a tattoo place but an aesthetic center. 

The best of eyebrow makeup:

eyebrow pencil

+Although it is known as an eyebrow tattoo; it is rather a semi-permanent gel or tint that allows the eyebrow to be made up to give it a fuller feeling. This circumstance makes this method attractive for those frightened by the word tattoo because they associate it with something for life. The eyebrow tattoo is temporary and usually lasts from one to three days if you do it at home or even months if you go to a specialized center.

+ The tattooed eyebrows are quite resistant. You can go about your normal life without remembering that you wear them with makeup: you do not run with sweat after an intense session of cycling or even if you wash your face in the morning.  

+This technique is very fast and effective. If you do not want to continue wasting time in front of the mirror retouching your eyebrows, this method will save you minutes to spend, perhaps retouching your hairstyle. Besides, it is a very comfortable process for women with thin and thin eyebrows. 

How to get perfect tattooed eyebrows at home:

dye eyebrows

The eyebrow tattoo has become so fashionable that more beauty brands are launching their products to make up your eyebrows at homeIf you are interested in these products, ask at any cosmetic store for a special tattoo dye or gel for this part of the face, also known as Tatto Brow.  With this product, the skin is dyed, leaving the eyebrow much more filled and populated. Do you dare? 

They usually come in various shades: the clear, designed for blonde girls; medium, intended for brown women; and, finally, dark, for skin and hair brunettes. If you have doubts, do a test on the back of the hand beforehand and choose the one that best suits your tone. 

+Its application is very simple: spread it over the eyebrow as if it were a gloss. If you want it to last you one day, you will have to stay with it for about 20 minutes. On the other hand, if you want to extend it up to three days, you must wait two hours. We recommend that you not lie down on the bed or sofa to avoid smearing or staining any surface during this time. Use micellar water to apply it and spread it better. 

+Its texture is usually quite sticky, and, at first, you can have a quite negative attitude to putting it on, but it is easily removed and is not dangerous for your eyebrows

+To remove it, simply pull the paste that has formed or use apple cider vinegar. 

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