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The spiritual meaning of cat tattoos

Cat tattoos

Why do you like cats so much? Maybe it will happen to you, and you will see these small cats as super loving companion animals. Or perhaps it is because you think that, being an animal so revered in many cultures, it is worthy of your interest and admiration. The fact is that more and more people want to feel close to them and, therefore, they do not hesitate to get a nice tattoo with this design. Do you know what the meaning of different types of cat tattoos is?

The spiritual symbolism of cats in different cultures

Some think that they are unlucky, others that they are always up to something, but for many people, cats are majestic, elegant, and almost magical animals. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people decide to decorate their fur with one of these cats. There are many cultures in which cats have a spiritual meaning :

+For Celtic culture, cats were the guardians of the world of the dead and all because they are silent beings and have the most mysterious eyes. Many people choose to tattoo only the eyes of this animal.

+In ancient Egypt, cats were revered, some mummified specimens have even been found. The goddess Bastet, a woman with a cat’s head, was in charge of protecting homes, and also symbolized the joy of living. Another of the most popular cat tattoos is that of Egyptian sphinx cats that can also be represented with wings.

+According to Viking legends, cats pulled the chariot of the goddess Freyja, the goddess of love. It was very common that they had them as pets since they were used to keep pests at bay. Therefore, they were an indispensable gift for all women who were going to get married. In this sense, a cat tattoo can symbolize a new marriage or the beginning of a life together with your partner.

Cat tattoos: types and meanings 

Cats are mysterious, stealthy, and cunning. No wonder these same qualities are eventually attributed to those who wear a cat tattoo engraved on the skin. Have you ever wondered what a tattoo of a black cat means? Or a Japanese, Egyptian one, the one with the popular cat from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ … Don’t stop reading, and you will leave no doubt!

+ Black cat tattoo, what is its meaning?

It is curious that, in some places, crossing a black cat means bad luck and, in others, the opposite. The fact is that already in ancient times these cats were revered for their dual nature, that is, docile and fierce at the same time. On the one hand, a tattoo of a black cat becomes a symbol of destruction because, many years ago, they were used to scare away evil spirits. On the other hand, a tattoo of this type also means power, mystery and femininity. With which of the two meanings do you stay? 

+Cheshire cat tattoo from ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ has inspired many people. So much so that nobody is surprised to see a tattoo of their most popular cat. A Cheshire cat tattoo refers to the mischievous and intelligent nature of these animals. You already know that this particular character can appear and disappear, it is, then, the desire to fly, another of its meanings.

+ The Felix cat tattoo and its meaning

The tattoo of the cat cartoon Felix, a character that became very popular in silent animation films, speaks of nostalgia and love for classic cinema. Have you ever seen a tattoo of this type?

+ Tatto of an Egyptian cat, would you become one?

The Egyptian cat symbolizes fertility and motherhood. According to Egyptian mythology, the cat goddess named Bastet defeated a serpent from evil and freed the Egyptians from their great evils while empowering cats.

+The Maneki-Neko cat: interpretation of the tattoo

The most famous Japanese cat, also known as a lucky or fortune cat, which is at the entrance of many businesses, is another tattoo that is well worth including in this list. Its meaning is precisely that good luck and good purposes.

+ Cat silhouette tattoo, what does it mean?

Mystery, mysticism, simplicity, elegance, and the desire to daydream. The cat silhouette is a very widespread tattoo nowadays, do you also have one or do you want to do it?

+Cat paw, adorable!

Cat paw tattoos represent the passage of time and the emotional changes that we all experience on occasion. It also winks at prosperity and good luck.

+Cat eyes tatto0s: what it symbolizes

The gaze of cats is intense and mysterious, so much so that it is often said that you do not have to look them straight in the eye. A cat’s eye tattoo means, in addition to the mysterywisdom, and a certain connection with the afterlife.

+ Cat footprint tattoos

These tattoos are perfect for fun, free-spirited people who are always in a good mood. Furthermore, they are meticulous and very perfectionist.

Other interpretations of cat tattoos

New cat tottoos

In addition to the specific meanings according to the type of cat tattoo that we have already mentioned, there are other general interpretations of this type of feline tattoos that you should also know: 

+In some cultures, cats were considered to be in contact with both negative and positive mystical forces. However, they have always been linked to witchcraft, and for a long time, black people were persecuted and sacrificed. They thought they were a representation of the devil, as is the case with snakes.

+Cats also have 7 or 9 lives, depending on who you ask. So these types of tattoos are often related to surviving traumatic experiences or difficult situations. Cats can ‘always fall on their feet’, which means whoever wears them on their skin too.

+If you want to symbolize acquired wisdom, like owls, a cat tattoo may be a good option. These animals have always been related to hidden knowledge; there are even people who claim that they are capable of seeing things that humans cannot, such as spirits.

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