What to wear to go to the beach? Unbeatable looks beyond matching

According to those who know the most about fashion, when you go to the beach, it is just as important to choose the swimsuit as the complete look. We say that it is a premise that seems perfect to us, but since we already feel somewhat heavy about tying the sarong and taking our flip flops in hand, we are going to go one step further. 

What to wear to go to the beach? We tell you a few unbeatable looks beyond the usual pareo that are just as perfect for spending a perfect day on the coast that you like. Answering the question of what outfit to choose to go to the sea in summer will be more comfortable than ever. 

Ideas of looks to go to the beach during the summer

Ideas of looks to go to the beach during the summer

You prepare your bag with sunscreen, sunglasses and a towel. You plant your favorite bikini or swimsuit and, when you go to take the pareo, you think twice. You are ours! The pairing thing is fine but it seems too boring for us. It’s time to see alternative ideas of looks to go to the beach. By the way, all of them are perfect to go after to have a drink with your friends. 

+Short and more shorts

Short and more shorts

Are you wearing a swimsuit instead of a bikini? The question of what to wear to go to the beach that is not the pareo of last year is already resolved. Swimsuit and shorts in the model that you like the most. If they are jeans, you can put them on with any swimsuit, whatever the color it is, and if they are on a bench or in black, they will not be painted to boast of a beach tan.

If bikinis are your thing, add a top such as a basic top with or without sleeves, a blouse or a top with a bow. As these are sets to go to the sea that you are going to take off as you step on the sand, you do not need to spend a lot of time thinking about whether this or that model is appropriate. If you follow the premise that we have just given you, it will be more than enough.

+A t-shirt or maxi shirt that doubles as a mini dress

A t-shirt or maxi shirt that doubles as a mini dress

How many times have you worn a boy’s shirt that is too big for you at home? You have to know that it is ideal for wearing over your bikini: raffia hat, backpack with your things to enjoy a beautiful day at sea, and your usual sandals. Perhaps you are one of those who believe that the shirt as a dress does not have any glamor, and maybe it does not, but what it does have is a sensual touch that you will not want to miss.

Leave the glamor for your evening looks and bet on going comfortable and modern. And for those who want a step further, we have the shirt in the size of each one with the bottom of your high-waisted bikini. To go from home to the sea, nothing to do otherwise with this combination … Surely you already understand why. 

+A skirt, do not miss your beach looks!

Mini, midi, or slightly longer skirts are also indicated for going to the beach in summer. You can wear yours with the top of the bikini or add a blouse or shirt that matches the skirt’s color. Choose the model that you like the most, but don’t make the mistake of getting ready as if you were going to go for a walk through the streets of your city. It is about being well dressed but always showing that they are casual combinations to go to the sea. Don’t forget the long skirts with side slits look divinely good with a matching color mini top.

+Open shirt to expose the bikini

Open shirt to expose the bikini

The shirt is another good option to wear with the skirt that we mentioned a few lines above or with the shorts that we talked about at the beginning. As you have already noticed, the grace is not buttoning a single button of the shirt; in this way, the bikini is visible and acts as a bralette with a chic touch. As for the type of shirt for this outfit, to our liking the best ones are the size of each one (neither tight nor maxi) in white, but if you do not have it in your wardrobe and you have another one in gray or beige you can also wear it with total confidence.

+A dress is always the right choice

This quintessential beach look is the favorite of many, and it is not for less. It is about putting on a short summer dress over the bikini, a very comfortable and beautiful look to show off for a few minutes in the silver sand before putting it in your bag. You can choose the models full of color or neutral tones; the only rule here is that they are not very long and have short sleeves or thin straps. You’ll love it! 

+Do you dare with a long jumpsuit to the feet?

Do you dare with a long jumpsuit to the feet

If you choose this option, you will go as many of your favorite celebrities. As you hear, more and more celebrities decide to step on the sand, flaunting a stylish and classy jumpsuit. If this is your idea, do not put it on with flip flops, the indicated are raffia sandals or those that have something of a platform. It is not that they are very comfortable to walk on the beach, but they are the only ones that look good with this type of jumpsuit.

+Flowy long pants

Flowy long pants

Let’s see what you think about this idea. Long pants in new fabric, vertical stripes or flower prints, and the top the same bikini. You will have great contrast and, if you keep a blouse or crop top in your bag, a great outfit to go to dinner with your friends afterward without having to go home first.

As for the accessories for every one of the beach looks that go beyond pareo, we have: sunglasses, hat, sandals or flip-flops (that each one seeks their comfort) and a wide beach bag in which to be able to save all those things when you go into the water. Without forgetting, yes, the bottle of water, the sun cream, and your towel. What a desire to enjoy the sea and show off your look! 

+And if you still wear the sarong …

And if you still wear the sarong

As you may have already noticed, we are on the warpath with the traditional sarong. However, it is an option to go to the beach if you like it a lot and do not want to part with it. The recommendation in these cases is that it is in its most extended version, that it almost reaches your feet and that it is a color and fabric matching with a mini top with a bow in the center. 

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