How to dress to go to a wedding in summer: looks to avoid heat

wedding in summer

To know how to dress to go to a wedding in summer you must have all the information clear and you will be right. The first thing you should take into account is if the wedding is celebrated indoors or outdoors and, in the latter case, the place where it is celebrated since it is not the same in a garden than on the beach. Another important factor to consider is the time of the link. As you may already know, for tomorrow’s weddings the ideal is a short dress or skirt and for the afternoon-evening ones, long.

And the third thing that you should be clear about is if there is any specific protocol or theme. All this information usually comes clearly detailed in the invitation, but if you don’t have it yet and you already want to think about the outfit, don’t be shy and ask the bride and groom or someone close to you. Check out these tricks and you’ll be perfect! 

Tips for attending a summer wedding

The main problem you can find when choosing the outfit at a summer wedding is the heat, which can be very uncomfortable and even ruin any look. Therefore, there are certain recommendations that you should take into account because, although the wedding is held indoors and has air conditioning or is a cool place, surely, until you reach the venue, you will have to go outside at some point.

Comfortable sandals 

We already know that the worst thing that can happen to you at a wedding is that your shoes rub, and if it is hot, the chances of this increase. Even if you have tame footwear, they can rub against you since your foot sweats, and it is the easiest to end up with some blisters and chafing. If you release sandals, try putting them on a few days before to tame them a little. But if you don’t wear them, try to choose comfortable ones. 

If the wedding is on the beach or somewhere rural farm, we recommend that you use wedges, either dress or hemp. It would help if you chose them according to your look because a formal is not the same as a casual one. This will prevent your heels from digging into the sand or grass, and you will not experience uncomfortable situations. A trick: always put an antifriction and some plasters in the bag just in case. 

Hat, headdress or collected

If it is a morning wedding, you can wear a hat, even more, if it is outdoors. It will be very useful to protect you from the sun’s rays and that your makeup does not play tricks. Also, if it is to match your look, you will be great. Although if you prefer not to opt for a hat or a headdress, use collected and casual hairstyles. Braids, semi-loosened pieces, or Californian waves are the best option for a summer wedding looks since they are much more relaxed. Forget the lacquer and the polished uppers! 

Natural makeup

At summer weddings everything should be much more relaxed, including the makeup you wear. Use soft shades, pastel colors, and light beige to brighten your eyes. Try not to overload your face with a very heavy foundation.

It is preferable that you use a light one and then highlight a little the protruding areas of the face with sun powders, which are much less heavy than liquid makeup. The illuminator will be your best ally to give freshness to your face at summer weddings.

Do not saturate your accessories look.

As we said, in the summer weddings everything has to be more relaxed, and the accessories were not going to be less. Forget about bracelets and necklaces, because they will make you very hot and make you sweat. Wear beautiful long earrings as the only jewel and, if anything, a ring—the finer and more subtle, the better.

Fabrics and colors

The recommendation in terms of fabrics is that you opt for fresher and more movement, such as chiffon, tulle, or silk. Forget about stiff fabrics and overly tight dresses as they will give you a lot of heat. 

As for colors, the most desirable shades are the most cheerful. Pastel or light colors will be your best allies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a black dress for an evening wedding if the fabric isn’t too stiff. The only color you should avoid is white, in the case of not wearing any prints, so as not to steal the bride’s prominence.

7 ideal looks for a summer wedding

Long chiffon or midi dress

wedding in summer

As we have said, the idea for a summer wedding is a dress with movement and the fabric that has more action, and that is lighter is chiffon. The best options are the most romantic, such as long or midi dresses, in shades of powder pink or aqua green or floral prints, with chiffon overlays. All of them will give you a romantic and elegant touch.

Combine it with gold or silver sandals and a portfolio in an original way. Or with one of the colors that prevail in the dress, especially if it has some striking print. You will be ideal! 

Plumeti and transparencies

wedding in summer

Another exquisite option is to choose a long, midi, or short dress made of plumeti fabric. It is a versatile and sexy option since usually, these dresses leave certain areas unlined and reveal some areas of the body through the fabric elegantly and subtly. The plumeti usually come in dresses or plain blouses because with this relief of the fabric; you do not need anything else.

Back to the air

There is nothing more sensual than a back to the air, completely uncovered or with the straps of the dress or top crossed over it. Of course, it is an option only suitable for good weather with which you will be very cool.

Opt for long earrings as the only accessory, or you can also put small ones attached to the lobe and add a long and thin chain type pendant to the back, in case the back is completely exposed. Add some strappy sandals, and you will be spectacular.

Two pieces

Of course, you do not have to go with a dress; you can also use two pieces in the form of pants and a skirt. For the pants, we recommend a palazzo in a fabric with a lot of drops and a pastel color. Combine it with high sandals and an original glued body for the fabric and design.

Of course, the upper part must be very close to the body since the palazzo pants are too wide. It is best if you strike a balance with the shapes. If you dare, you can try a crop top but, yes, only if the pants are very high-waisted. 

Everything red

wedding in summer

One of the colors that never clash, whatever the season, is red. If you have a red tube dress in the wardrobe, depending on the accessories you add, it can work for summer and winter weddings. Wear it with metallic pale pink sandals and add a clutch. You won’t need anything else to be perfect.

An original top

wedding in summer

If you have an original blouse or top, sleeveless or strapless, do not hesitate and use it. You can combine it with a tube skirt or a long skirt, or with palazzo pants, why not? Combine it with a coral top with original ruffles and a lace pencil skirt. You will succeed with your look.

But if, on the other hand, you have a skirt or pants that you love in your dressing room, you have to find a cool top that matches the tones. Don’t forget that flowy fabric blouses will be your best option in these cases. 

Tulle dress or skirt

wedding in summer

Carrie Bradshaw’s look in ‘Sex in New York’ always works. Get a tulle dress because it is a cool and very elegant fabric, and some have application embroidery on the same fabric, which is very elegant. You can also wear a top with a midi skirt in this material.

You will be beautiful, and you will fight the heat. Finish off the look with high strappy sandals. The good thing about this type of dress is that you can reuse it again by giving them another ‘roll,’ for example, with a black leather biker. Do you dare?

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