What to wear to go to the office in summer: looks against the heat

What to wear to go to the office in summer

When summer arrives, what you want most is to go light and with mosquito fabrics such as cotton and put on comfortable and full sandals. But, since we cannot take vacations during the three months of the summer, you have to go to the office and dress appropriately. 

Do not worry! We will give you the keys to knowing what you should wear to go to the office in summer and have no doubt that you are going to succeed with your looks against the heat. What is the right dress code to go to work? How to combine comfortable and stylish clothes to combat high temperatures? We tell you everything you need to know. 

Looks to go to work in summer

Looks to go to work in summer

The difficulty of getting dressed when going to the office in summer resides in the extreme temperature changes that, most of the time, we suffer. You leave home, and the temperature, first thing in the morning, is relaxed but bearable. You get to the office, and you have to cover yourself because the air conditioning is so high that a group of penguins sit down to work at the computer next door and be so happy.

And then, you go out to eat at noon, and it seems that you are going to be directly stuck to the asphalt. How to dress in these cases? Of course, you have no choice but to opt for the ‘onion mode’ outfit not to die trying. We give you some clues of ideal looks for these days so hot outside, but so cool in the office.

+Midi dress with a blazer

Midi dress with a blazer

An excellent option is to leave the house in a midi, strapless or short-sleeved dress and add, for example, a blazer that matches the colors of the same. You can then finish off the look with stilettos or, if it is very hot, you better opt for high-heeled sandals. 

+Jumpsuit lover

Jumpsuit lover

We are lovers of jumpsuits, a most versatile garment depending on the accessories you add and the fabric in which it is made. You can always go for trousers, with a cool fabric, like linen, and add a cardigan. Or you can also choose one with a drop fabric and a matching blazer. Add some esparto wedges, and you will be very comfortable.

+High dress pants and a basic T-shirt

High dress pants and basic T-shirt

Another option that you will be very elegant and comfortable with is high waist dress pants and ankle. If you accompany him with a basic white cotton t-shirt and suspenders, you will lessen the seriousness. You can finish off the look with wide-heeled sandals, with which you will be very comfortable.

Besides, to leave the house in the morning and avoid the colds of the air conditioners in the office, we recommend that you wear a white long-sleeved shirt tied at the waist, instead of a blazer. Then you can always tie it around your waist, and it will give you a very youthful touch.

+Long dress

Long dress

A very comfortable option is the long dress and, if it is made of gauzy fabric such as chiffon, the better since with the movement of the fabric, you will not have heat during the day and will protect your little legs when the temperature requires it. If you can afford not to go with a too stiff dress code to the office, add a denim jacket or a suede biker to the look. Put on some wedges or flat sandals to be even more comfortable, and you will be beautiful.

+Natural fabrics

Natural fabrics

The best way to beat the heat doesn’t have to be to go lightly. Experts in the field recommend covering your body to expose yourself to the days in the sun walking. And who are we to oppose the experts?

As we are very fans of linen and cotton and the natural colors are so well combined, another favorite option is a wide linen pant, in ecru, that you can perfectly combine with a basic white cotton t-shirt. To give it a chic touch, you can wear strappy and heeled sandals.

+Short and long sleeve

Short and long sleeve

Another perfect option to avoid overlays and jackets is to wear a dress or jumpsuit that is a mini skirt but has long sleeves. This option is best for summer times when the heat is not too tight. And even if you leave the house at noon and are hot, you can always roll up your sleeves or put on a dress whose fabric is excellent. Finish off the look with a comfortable sandal, and you will be perfect to go to the office. 

+Pencil skirt and sandals

Pencil skirt and sandals

The pencil skirt or pencil skirt is a basic that you should not keep in changing the wardrobe, because in winter you will use them with stockings and in summer with nothing. You can wear a more original shirt or blouse for a more formal look or a cotton and short-sleeved shirt to detract from seriousness. With a black leather skirt, you will have a much more rocker and casual look.

+Jeans with a vaporous blouse

Jeans with a vaporous blouse

Jeans are always a good option. Now, you should bear in mind that its fabric is very hot in summer. For this reason, for your office looks, wear light ones or made of washed fabric. You can accompany the outfit with a T-shirt or a boho floral print blouse. The sandals, whether flat or with a heel, will finish off this versatile look.

+Culotte pants

Culotte pants

Are you fed up with dress pants, jeans and pencil skirts? You can have a more original and chic outfit by combining high waist culottes with a T-shirt. Choose a plain one in color like cauldron or yellow and wear a basic blue or black sailor striped t-shirt. The culottes are garments that go well with flat sandals, esparto grass, heels, and even sneakers, so you decide based on your office dress code on how to complete the look.

+Mini skirt look

Mini skirt look

If you are more of a miniskirt than a pencil skirt, you can also use this garment and combine it in a thousand ways to go to the office. It doesn’t have to be too informal, as long as you combine it with the right accessories. For example, if you choose a short skirt, you can offset this garment’s informality with a basic white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and elegant strappy sandals. 

+Jacket and Bermuda suit

Jacket and bermuda suit

The Bermuda jacket suit can be your great ally to go to the office in summer, especially if it is made of fabric suitable for high temperatures. Bermuda shorts should be above the knee and high-waisted, while the blazer should be oversized. You can put a T-shirt underneath and combine your look with high-heeled sandals, and you will be perfect to go to the office. 

When you go out to eat, or in the afternoon, you will only have to put your jacket aside, and you will be fresh, full, and very comfortable. In short, you will have a groundbreaking and chic look. Can you ask for more from an outfit? 

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