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The best time to exercise

The best time to exercise

The key to a better quality of life is to have a healthy and balanced diet, have a positive attitude towards life, and practice physical exercise regularly. So if you have included sports among the New Year’s resolutions, don’t think twice and start there. Because exercise will give you the energy, you need to achieve your goals. Although you are not a regular of the sport and are going to start now, you may have doubts about what exercise to practice, where to do it and what is more, when to do it to get more benefits.

Physical exercise, in the morning or the afternoon?

Traditionally, it has been advised to practice physical exercise in the morning to start the day moving and having more energy to face the workday. If we get used to doing sports first thing in the morning and manage to establish a daily routine, it is more likely not to give up the exercise habit than if we do it in the afternoon.

However, it seems that sports in the early morning are not as beneficial as we thought, since our body temperature is lower and there is less blood flow, so there is a higher risk of injury. It is also often believed that more calories are burned in the morning, which is entirely false and becomes one of those myths that circulate more about sport.

Those who prefer to exercise in the afternoon are in luck, but perhaps they should know that the ideal body temperature for sports is achieved at 6 in the afternoon. In contrast, lung capacity is highest between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. With that said, what is the best time to exercise?

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The best time to exercise

If we talk about sports practice at the competition level, we should consider our body’s capacity according to the schedule. Still, since we are talking about incorporating physical exercise into our usual activities to improve our quality of life, it is unnecessary to adapt to these bodily schedules. It is a moderate physical exercise that we can do at the time that suits us best.

Whatever the time chosen for sports, or the place, whether in the gym or outdoors, the important thing is to be consistent and not abandon the routine. It is also essential to be prepared to avoid injuries, following basic recommendations such as wearing appropriate footwear and clothing, hydrating well, stretching before starting, and not putting pressure on yourself about effort.

With this in mind, you choose the best time to exercise. Early in the morning, before going to work is a good way to start your day more active than ever. And in the afternoon after work, it is the best option to disconnect from problems and get into bed relaxed.

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