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Brown dog names: original and surprising nicknames

Brown dog names

The company of a dog is irreplaceable. Only he who has had or has a pet knows what it means to love this faithful friend unconditionally, as he can do with you. Get home and be waiting for you, spend moments of laughter and crying together, walk, play, and, in short, never, never fail.

However, when adopting a pet, most people tend to agree on how difficult it is to choose a perfect name. One of the most complicated parts is choosing an original and surprising nickname that both suits you and does well. The names are difficult to choose, among other things because they are for life. We often want to choose one that matches her personality and physical appearance, but we always resort to the same commons that are often repeated. 

To help you in the process, in Style Jinx. We offer you a list of names for brown dogs, a characteristic that many of these animals share and that can be flattering when choosing the ideal nickname. If your puppy is brown and you want her name to be following this physical characteristic, whether female or male, don’t miss what we have prepared for you! 

Names on fictional characters for brown dogs

We are surrounded by movies and series that have marked our life or our childhood. Why not choose a name that has to do with them?


Everyone knows the protagonist of Toy Story. A cowboy in his sheriff hat who is not only a good friend but also a noble, loyal, fair, respectful, and brave man. We like this name a lot for a dog because, in addition to being consistent with the color of Woody’s hat, its name implies the best behavior that someone can have. Is your dog like this?


One of the most famous bears in cartoons, the protagonist of ‘The Jungle Book’, can be a good name to put your dog. Baloo mixed different colors but what we like most about this character is his mix of love, kindness, and leadership, as well as being a great educator for Mowgli in the jungle.


In the world of fictional characters and being you, perhaps, passionate about the sagas, this character – a Wookiee – from Star Wars, furry, robust, and in different shades of brown can be a perfect name for your dog. Chewbacca is a friend, a great partner, inseparable and unique. Be careful that we can have before us a great name!

Brown dog names inspired by the color brown

Brown dog names

If we talk about puppies with these brown colors in different shades of coffee … We can not forget the drink! 


If it turns out that your pet has a beige or brown color mixed with white areas … It may be time to choose a name according to their physical appearance. For example, what do you think of Capuccino? A fun name but, at the same time, very classic. If it seems too long, remember that, in the end, you can always shorten the name. 


In the selection of brown names, this name could not be missing. Perfect for both small dogs and large dogs; both for those who mix colors as for those who have a single solid color and, of course, a good choice for both female and male. 


In the world of cafes, we can move as much as you want, and that is, in the end, brown puppies always lead us to think of names of this style to put on them. However, let’s not fall into the much-used brown color and go a little further. If we think about the Starbucks coffee shop, everyone knows that we are talking about coffee, but we have gone a step further and have been a little more original. Even if you call it by that name you can always leave it in a Bucks, to shorten it a bit. 

Brown dog names on candy 

Brown dog names

Often we associate the color brown with sweet and loving attitudes. Is it because of the desserts that we know of the same color?


If your puppy is sweet and loving, what better name than a treat to represent it? This name is long but very original, perfect for a pet that is not only brown but has different shades. 


Choosing this name not only means that the brownie and your dog match in color, but it is one of the sweetest and richest desserts you can find. Why not put it on your dog? Also, it will give you a lot of play if you adopt a second pet tomorrow and you could call it vanilla, can you imagine? 


It is such a fun name that is just saying it out loud smiles at you. The color of both things does not only identify a cookie but when related to sweet bites, it sticks a lot to small dogs, such as a chihuahua. 


If we talk about a light brownish or beige color, the color of almond, this could be a good name. Almond reminds us of a smooth, light, not annoying, altered, or rowdy behavior. Is your dog like this? 


It indeed is one of the most classic names that you can hear, but it will never go out of style. Cinnamon has exotic, fun, unique touches but at the same time the classic notes, “of a lifetime” that name is implicit. A perfect choice if we are talking, for example, of a Yorkshire dog.

Names on alcoholic beverages for brown puppies

Brown Dog puppes

For lovers of alcoholic beverages, below we have a selection of very proper names for them. All of them contain different and unique touches (such as drinks) that will make the differences between them. 


The first drink we can think of is dedicated to the sweetest and most loving dogs. Baileys is a great name for all of them, don’t you think? For those who, in the same sweet tone, have touches (can be understood as facial or behavioral features) harder or more marked. 


What do you think about calling your dog, Ron? It’s a great idea! It can be a great name because, besides, we can play with the double meaning of calling it as the drink or as one of the protagonists of the Harry Potter saga. It’s up to you! 

+Brandy or Whiskey 

Finally, this list ends with two perfect names for the most robust, forceful dogs and also for the older ones. Brandy or Whiskey can be two choices to match the characteristics of your pet. 

Names for brown dogs that invite tranquillity

Brown Dog

Just as we said before that the brown color reminds us of sweet desserts, some names invite tranquillity and relaxation. Which one will you keep? 


We cannot help it if we think about names for brown dogs, names, objects, flavors, and places where the protagonist is that color appears in our minds. This is why we love Arena. Especially if you love the sea (double reason to choose it) or if your pet is elusive and difficult to grasp like a handful of sand 


Instead of making it desert, we have preferred to choose this name so fashionable in recent times. Tranquillity, peace, calm … Be careful with the sensations that this name transmits!

Ready! You already have the entire list of original, elegant, and surprising brown dog names to choose the one you like best. Do not get overwhelmed because it is not a matter of a day, but surely you end up choosing the best for him or her. 

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