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Egyptian cat names: original nicknames for males and females

Egyptian cat names

They say that the dog is man’s best friend, but cats teach us valuable lessons every day. With them we learn to appreciate the simple details of life, that we can take advantage of recycling to create new toys, that we are what we eat, they teach us the importance of being independent but always having a home to return to with the people who love you. 

Cats are adorable, curious, and very active, they awaken our funny sense because there are never boring moments with them. Many people slow down when adopting a cat as a pet because of the hair they lose or how allergic they can be to it. But there is a solution: Egyptian cats name. 

If you want to adopt this type of animal, you should not forget to give it a perfect name for Egyptian cats. Do you want any idea? We bring you some original nicknames for males and females that you are going to love; it will be difficult for you to choose just one! Shall we start? 

The most common characteristics of Egyptian cats name

The most common characteristics of Egyptian cats

Egyptian cats are also called sphinxes or sphynx, although they don’t come from Egypt. They do not have an exact place of origin, although some claim that they come from Canada. They have the following characteristics: 

-There are three breeds of hairless cats: the Egyptian, the Don Sphynx, and the Peterbald, the latter two originating from Russia. 

-The cause of hair loss is due to a genetic mutation that is completely hereditary, although it can also be achieved by crossing certain species of cats. 

-In the case of sphinx cats, this lack of hair is due to a recessive gene. While in its Russian relatives it is caused by a dominant gene. 

-These are not bald cats. They have a very thin, short, and fine coat of hair that is not completely noticeable unless you pet them. Some only have a kind of lint on the ears, tail, or legs. 

-Not having a coat that covers these cats, they can have several fur tones that can be combined or have a single tone. 

-As they have exposed skin, they have wrinkles that can dry out, so it is necessary to take certain care to protect it: a healthy and balanced diet and a weekly bath to refresh them.  

Beautiful and original names for your Egyptian cat

Beautiful and original names for your Egyptian cat

Interesting names for male sphinx cats

Although they do not have their roots in Egyptian culture, people choose to honor their breed, giving their sphynx cats names of Egyptian origin.

+Ra: the most common name of all for sphinx cats. It was the name of the ancient Egyptian Sun God, father of all hope and spiritual enlightenment.

+Seth: The Ancient Egyptian God of War and Darkness. It is another of the most common for Egyptian cats, and it also gives a certain character that will make it unique.

+Ramses: one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs of all because his reign lasted 66 years. Which was quite a feat in ancient Egypt, it was very prosperous, and its vestiges still remain. Its meaning is ‘he who is born from the sun’.

+Pharaoh: Your cat is very special and deserves a title to match, what better than the iconic figure who ruled ancient Egypt? This was the designation for kings and their successors. 

+Nile: it is not a character, but it is the most famous river in all of Egypt and even in the entire world. It was also considered a river of sacred waters. Its meaning is ‘the river valley’.

+Horus: son of the Gods Isis and Osiris, was the official guardian of the other Egyptian gods. He was also known as the founder of the Egyptian civilization. His name means ‘the high one’.

+Menus: Also known as Min, he is the ancient Egyptian god of fertility and male sexuality, also associated as a guardian of the moon.

+Orion: the hunter constellation, was very important to the Egyptians because he believed that it was the place of origin of Osiris and Isis and most of the gods. It was also said that this was his place of return.

+Akil: It is a masculine name of Egyptian origin, an old word that means ‘who has intelligence’ as a way of referring to scholars. But for an Egyptian cat, it may be his ideal name.

+Gray – Not an Egyptian name, but an excellent choice if your Egyptian cat has a greyish fur tone. It means ‘grey’ in English and gives it a certain category that makes it interesting.

+Onyx: It is a dark-colored gemstone, usually shiny black. But its uniqueness and rarity harmonize perfectly with the originality of Egyptian cats.

Beautiful names for female Egyptian cats

Beautiful names for female Egyptian cats

The Egyptian cats are not far behind with preference names that honor that has been given to his race. Which one of them will you stay with?

+Isis: Osiris’s wife, was considered the Goddess of fertility and nature, was known for being the most important female figure and for being called ‘the lady’. Its name means ‘the throne’.

+Cleo: diminutive of the famous queen Cleopatra, recognized for her great beauty and intelligence. A perfect choice for your adorable Egyptian cat. It means ‘the glory of the father’.

+Bast: If you are looking for an ideal name for your sphinx cat that honors ancient Egypt, then this name is the best. Bast or Bastet was known as the Goddess of cats, of the home and the feminine essence.

+Nefertiti: Another of the most recognized queens of Egypt in history, wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten and mother of Tutankhamun. Her name means ‘the beautiful has arrived’. Without a doubt, an excellent option for your beautiful sphinx cat.

+Amenti : means ‘west’ or ‘hidden region’. It was the name of the Egyptian Goddess of the West, the place where the dead were heading. So it is said that he was the one who guided the deceased to the other world. She also had great beauty and beautiful hair.

+Neit: known as ‘the huntress’, it was related, as its name implies, to hunting and war, but also mysticism. So it is a great option for a very playful and energetic kitten.

+Silk: it is not of Egyptian origin nor is it related to figures from mythology, but it is a very good choice for your sphinx cat because its skin is as soft and shiny as silk fabrics.

+Mina: it is a name of Egyptian origin, it means ‘the gift of Thoth’, although there are those who affirm that it is a feminine variation of Menes, who was an ancient pharaoh of Egypt.

+Jade: A very common name for cats, but in your sphinx kitten, it will look great. Jade stones are beautiful, delicate but at the same time very resistant.

+Sweet: Another very beautiful choice of names for your Egyptian cat, although it is not of that origin. It means ‘sweet’ in English. Do you see why it is excellent? After all, your cat is sweet.

+Saphire: It means ‘sapphire’ in English and is an excellent alternative since it is important to keep names with soft tones. Sapphires are unique and beautiful gemstones, dark but very elegant. Perhaps your cat reminds you of that stone.

You know, if you want a cat, but you can’t tolerate its hairs, then the Egyptian breed is the option to choose, like these names for your cat or cat.

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