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Pet Beds Sold To Save Your Puppy

Dogs are not just mascots that one day comes home and only stay there. They are a fundamental part of a family, they are friends and also protectors who deserve to receive all possible love and affection. That is why people are willing to do whatever it takes to help them, even when the necessary resources are not available.

Camila Moreno and Gustavo Cavero decided to adopt a puppy they named Ipo. The three-month-old cub had been abandoned in front of one of her neighbors’ houses, but they were not willing to let her go hungry and cold. They were in such poor health that they started a small business to help them pay for treatments, and now they sell dog beds and they are beautiful.

Ipo arrived in very poor health

The little boy had fleas, ticks, head injuries, and his health was very deteriorated, but thanks to the love and care that Camila and Gustavo gave him, he improved considerably, but after three weeks they noticed that something was not right.

We always say that it lacked a lot of strength in the legs, especially in the hind legs, since sometimes it crawled to play or move; We bought him a multivitamin that his vet gave us and we started with that.

After several treatments it did not seem to improve

The wounds he had become more and more noticeable, he constantly scratched and cried because it made them bleed. After several examinations, they discovered that he had ehrlichiosis, a bacterial infection caused by tick bites, in addition to a mite on the skin that caused injuries and caused hair loss in some areas.

His treatment consisted of two pills a day plus a syrup that he had to take for 28 days. A pill to avoid fleas, mites, and ticks, which should take three months; and a shampoo that we had to apply for a month. Ipo reacted poorly to the treatment and had to be hospitalized for the vet to monitor his progress.

Ipo owners came up with a business to pay the bills

Because he was hospitalized, his health improved; however, you have to continue treatment and eat special food, all of which is very expensive. To pay all the expenses of Ipo, its owners had the great idea of making pet beds. They make them in three different sizes and also personalized with the name of the pets.

All proceeds are for Ipo treatment

Ipo expenses exceed $ 430 per month. We are students, we do not have work to bear such high expenses, that is why we make the beds, none of the money is for us or our luxuries, all the money raised is for him.

They sell the beds through their Facebook account .

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