Love letter to your boyfriend: make your boy cry with emotion

Love letter

Many times we take it for granted that our boyfriend knows how much we love him. To some extent, it is logical, because if there were no love, the relationship would already be broken. But it never hurts to value our partner and tell him how important he is to us, regardless of whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary and his birthday. What better way to do it than with a love letter to your boyfriend.

Because Love is not always so evident. All couples go through moments of insecurity and because there is nothing as beautiful as undressing your emotions in front of the loved one, let your boyfriend know that you love him.

We have written for you some examples of the love letter that any boyfriend expects to receive, and we have searched for the words that every man wants to hear. They are of different types: tender, fun, for a distance relationship … Now you have to add your personal touch and send this love letter to your boyfriend at the most appropriate time. You will make your boy cry with emotion!

The love letter to my most tender boyfriend

Love letter


Hello Love,

I write in this letter what I want to tell you for a long time. I want to tell you, but I can’t do it face to face because I get entangled in your gaze, I distract myself with your lips, and I wrap myself in your smile. And then I forget to tell you. But I want to do it because you must know. You must know that I am so happy with you because you make me laugh. After all, you make me tremble because you make me dream. I am so happy with you because every day I notice your respect, acceptance of my hobbies and passions, and because you don’t try to change me.

I am so happy with you because I feel, finally, that I am part of the world, because of your way of minimizing problems, because of the cooperation we have created and because with you ” forever” has begun to make sense. But above all, I am so happy in your embrace.

And you know I’m not the best at expressing my feelings, so I’m going to tell you the only way I know-how. Without poetic licenses, metaphors, and rhyming verses, I love you well, raw and brutally. And that’s how I have to tell you. You are the man in my life. And I could write it in capital letters because I am sure that it is so.

For the way, you color my life, for the energy you give me, for the shared laughter and the secrets revealed, for all that you are special. And for all that and more, I admire you, because you are great and generous and because you have taught me to love. It’s not just Love, I adore you too.

Forever love.

The funniest love letter for your boy

Love letter

Hi dear,

I do not know how you get that, despite the passing of time, and each time we celebrate more and more anniversaries, you still have me completely in Love. I do not understand how you can continue liking me despite your heavy jokes, scares behind the door, and those fortuitous winds that you give me daily. Is it precisely because of all this that I still love you so much?

I like to get home and know that you are going to be in the kitchen snacking; I like to find that little Love notes that you leave me every morning with my breakfast cup; I like to go to bed and find it warm are sleeping inside… I even like your pasta sauce recipe; the one that you say has been in your family for years but that you and I know that it consists of adding a little oregano to the fried tomato in a pot.

I could tell you that, ‘despite everything’  I love you much more today than the first day we saw each other. But the truth is that ‘it is for all this’ that my Love for you is a little bigger every second. Every day, I am sure that our relationship has no limits and that we can overcome all the obstacles that stand in our way.

Who would have imagined that, after the first date as disastrous as the one we had, we would get here? No sensible person would have bet on this relationship, but if you and I are characterized by something very unwise.

And here we are. Day today. Kiss by kiss. Caress to caress.

To infinity, and beyond. I love you

What to tell your partner in a distance relationship

Love letter

Hello, my Love,

I know we are not experiencing our best moments. Circumstances work against us, but we have much more in our favor: everything we love each other. Both you and I know that the desire to see us is stronger than any possibility of an end to this that unites us with such intensity.

Although it may not seem like it, distance relationships also have their good things. We have learned to miss each other, have our own space, and reflect from the separation … But, above all, we have realized the importance of valuing every second that we are together.

When I see you leave the train station, lightning strikes me from head to toe. It is at that precise moment that I know that all the sufferings, the ‘I miss you,’ and the crying yearning for your presence in my bed have been worth it. At that moment I forget any need because I have the one I want by my side.

I have become used to living waiting for the arrival of a day: the one we meet again. My mind has become an eternal countdown until the long-awaited moment when we touch. I spend hours looking at the calendar, hoping that the fastest days will pass.

We are strong, and our Love is even stronger. And we will be able to overcome this challenge and all the others that come before us. What are a few kilometers compared to a few seconds next to you? What is the distance that separates us compared to the size of our Love? Nothing. And so, when we want to realize it, we will be together again.

You know that, despite the distance, I love you like never before.

Love letter for a relationship that is starting

Love letter


I have known you for much less time than I would like, but you have already managed to excite me even so. There may not be anything that unites us, other than shared laughter and impromptu dating. But you’ve made me want to see you again.

I have to admit that every time the mobile vibrates, I look for it quickly to check if it is a message from you. I can’t help but smile when I see your name in between the notifications. Sometimes I even get a little lump in my throat. Like a fool, I wait a bit, so you don’t think that I’ve been paying too much attention. Don’t ask me why I do it, because I don’t even understand it.

The only thing that I am very clear about is that I am looking forward to our next appointment. I want to see how this thing that unites us evolves. I am not yet clear in which direction it will go, but I like to imagine where we will be in a few months. You can call me delusional, you can even accuse me of trying to go too fast, but I see each other by the hand after a while.

I have an empty backpack that I want to fill moments with you. I don’t need to immortalize our jokes, and I don’t want selfies, I don’t want to share it on social media. I want to live by your side.

Do you sign up for my plan? No pressure and no stress, but eager to enjoy. I invite you to have a good time on my side.

I wait for you. 

Exciting letter for a couple in bad times

Love letter

Hello, my Love,

I want to make it clear to you from the first moment: I still love you, and I will not stop doing it. There are no such bad times that they are going to knock us down. May you never forget that we can do everything. 

We have to gather strength and go for it all. You know that when we lean on each other, no gale can. Holding hands, we are firmer than any wall. Therefore, we cannot let go of that strength thanks to which we will be able to get out of this and all those that come before us.

In these difficult times, we must know how to forgive, more than ever. The key for us to get out of this is to develop the ability to put ourselves in the other’s shoes. Let us put aside the senseless pride and worry about the other’s physical and mental health, of our other ‘I.’

I want and much strength to fight by your side, but I need you to make me part of your problem. Tell me what you need and what I can do for you.

Let’s take advantage of these bad moments we go through to come out reinforced. In a while, we will be able to look back and realize that now we love each other more, but above all, better. We must be able to extract all the good from this situation, even if it is little.

You know what they say: after a storm, calm always comes. And, I assure you, that day will come when happiness will guide our lives again.

Stay strong, my Love. Together we will achieve it.

I love you

Say good morning with a love letter.

Love letter

Good Morning!

Today I woke up happy because I did it by your side. Sometimes, we do not give the value that these small details of the day to day have. And today, I wanted to write you this little love letter to share with you my joy.

The movement of your chest rising and falling is the best sleeping pill to calm my nerves. The sweet sound of your calm breathing dispels all my fears. Your body’s heat while you sleep the kind of heating I want by my side throughout my life. Even with those snoring, you are the most beautiful person in the world while you sleep.

When I wake up in the middle of the night, I try to approach you slowly to feel you. In this way, it gives me the feeling that at any moment, you will appear in my dreams. Where will we travel tonight? Maybe to a deserted island? Or maybe we will appear in the mountains? Will it be a nightmare?

As I write this little note, I see you lounging on our bed. I have a hard time fighting against that magnet that attracts me with all the force of the universe. I count the hours to go back to sleep next to you.

Good morning my Love Today, I know it will be the best day because I will have you by my side.

I love you. Have a happy day!

The best love letter to say ‘I love you.’

Love letter

My Love,

As many times I say ‘ I love you,’ I feel that they are never enough. Today I am going to do it in a very special way: I am going to surprise you with a love letter.

You have become one of the most important people in my life. You are one of those hopelessly satisfying priorities. I am not going to tell you that before you arrived, I was empty, nor did you fill a gap that was missing in me. But I indeed find it hard to imagine a life in which you do not participate.

You make me happy every day, and your smile is the most powerful source of energy that I have managed to gather. So I don’t want to change you for anything or anyone.

I have to thank you for your patience with me because I am aware that sometimes I can become a very complicated person. With your serenity and your hand, you manage to bring me back to the path of calm and firm steps. Your support has been, is, and will be vital so that I can move forward.

You are my reason to dream, and I want you to be part of my decisions and wishes. Let this grow without limits or ceilings because that is how we conceived it from the beginning. So even though I sometimes forget to tell you, I love you.

Never forget. I love you 

Romantic love letter for a long relationship

Love letter

My Love,

Something inside me knew that we were going to end up together from the day we met. And here we are, 15 years later, together and just as in Love. That same intuition also tells me that we still have many more years of Love left. 

Not all moments have been entirely easy. We have had to climb several mountains and jump some holes that have opened under our feet. But because we’ve always gone hand in hand, adversities have always seemed a bit smaller.

We have been and are very happy together, but we cannot take all the credit. We are lucky to have a wonderful family, not to mention our children, our rays of light every day. They have always supported us, and selflessly supported us with a smile on their faces.

But just as there have been times of stress, there have been many times of joy; just as we have been through hardships, we have experienced abundance; Just as they have tried to drive us out of our way, we have managed to get our lives back on track.

And you know what’s best? Do you know what makes me so happy? That we still have the best to live.

I’m looking forward to living it all but by your side. As soon as we realize it, we will be celebrating another 15 years together again.

I love you

Write him a letter to say goodbye.

Love letter

To you,

I never imagined that it would take me so long to write you this letter, but this farewell is hard. We both know that, as long as we delay it, the time will come to say goodbye. So let’s do it well. Let’s take the time to end something inevitable, even if it costs us both.

The time together has been wonderful. I never imagined that someone could give me as much as you have. For a moment, you managed to turn my life around in the best way I could think of what might have happened. Beside you, I have lived, I have learned, and I have grown.

We have been so happy together that we have to keep everything we have lived through at the moment of farewell. When I look back, I only stay with the good that has united us, which has been a lot. I see us laughing, traveling, experimenting, enjoying life, resting hand in hand … For all those little moments together, ours has been worth it.

Do not doubt that you have made an impression on me. For better or worse, I am the way I am because of everything I have experienced, including our relationship. So I have to thank you for helping me build myself as a person. Also, you have made me see a different way of loving.

Life may end up crossing us again. But, for now, the inevitable moment has come to separate our ways. I wish you the best for the future, from the bottom of my heart.

Until another.

Tips for writing a perfect love letter

According to research on the letters of Juan Rulfo from the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, a love letter is much more than simply expressing information. Therefore, starting to write a letter can be a bit difficult. Exposure to the blank page is often scary because there is a lot of space to fill in with nice words. But, we assure you that you will discover that it is not as complicated as it seems when you get down to it. 

Here are some tips for writing a perfect love letter. 

+Out of shame

If you want to write a good letter, you should get rid of all your fears and embarrassments. In this writing, you have to overturn all your feelings and emotions in the most honest way. Therefore, you must find a way to express everything you have inside clearly and beautifully.

+Choose the appropriate format

Writing the letter to a computer is not the same as doing it by hand. In the latter case, you should take care of your calligraphy so that your partner understands what you mean, but also so that the appearance of your letter is the most beautiful.

The letters’ format tends to be: first, a greeting, a few short paragraphs, and a farewell. As for the length, it is free. Write down everything you need, but don’t get too entangled in the details, or you will end up boring your partner. It is better to bet on a shorter card but full of intensity.

From there … let your imagination run wild!

+The importance of a good greeting

The first thing that your boyfriend will read when he has the letter in his hands is the greeting. Therefore, you should look for the right words to reach his heart from the first line. You can be a little more formal and say ‘darling,’ but you can also use that cheesy and affectionate nickname with which you are called in privacy. You will conquer him!

+Get a round end

You may have written the most beautiful words throughout your letter, but if you don’t choose a good ending, they won’t do any good. This last part is the one that will make your partner keep a bad or good memory of what you have written, so you should give it some thought.

+Pay attention to the details

In a love letter, the little details also count, and a lot. Therefore, your boyfriend will like you to draw a little heart for her to spray the letter with your perfume … These are little corny details, but they work to get her attention.

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