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Exercises to strengthen flabby arms without leaving home

Exercises to strengthen flabby arms without leaving home

If there is something that bothers any woman a lot, when summer arrives, she puts on her favorite t-shirt or tank dress and … horror !: See how her arms are flabby. What can be done to remedy it? Carolina Dominguez, a personal trainer, teaches you a series of exercises to strengthen flabby arms without leaving home. Because time is money and it isn’t easy to find a place to move to a gym, not take care of yourself.  

This summer, say goodbye to flabby arms! 

We show you a series of exercises aimed at strengthening the triceps and ending flaccidity in the arms, a muscle that “causes” many headaches for women. 

+Exercise 1 to strengthen the triceps

Exercise 1 to strengthen the triceps

Lie on your stomach with your hands pressed to your chest and your head in line with your body. From this position, we raise the body en bloc, trying to keep the hip from being left behind, and we lower keeping the elbows close to the body. When going up, release the air, and when going down, take it. The most important thing about this exercise: keep your hands and arms close to the chest and that the bum does not stick out or sink. In addition to focusing on the triceps, this exercise will work your shoulders, chest, and back. 

+Exercise 2 to combat sagging arms 

Exercise 2 to combat sagging arms

Next, from the previous position, we will make a bottom with the knees and the feet supported. Keep your knees together and your hands in front of and more open than your shoulders. Go down as much as you can and go up. Necessary: always keep your elbows out. Remember: when you go up, you release the air, and when you go down, you get air. 

+Exercise 3 to work triceps, hip, and core 

With the following exercise, we will work, in addition to strengthening the flabby arms, the core. To do this, we will adopt the plank position, leaning only on one arm. With the other, we fold and stretch. Important: do it with a closed fist to give it more tension. It’s what is called a triceps kick. Try to control movement so that this muscle works correctly. Breathe out as you stretch your arm and catch again by flexing it. Remember to do it with the other arm too. 

+Exercise 4 with material to tighten flabby arms 

Exercise 4 with material to tighten flabby arms

For the last exercise, we are going to need some material. Do you have a chair at hand? It also serves an object that you can lean on, type coffee table, but that is safe. Rest the heel of your hands on the edge of the chair at shoulder width. Lay your back straight, look straight ahead, and keep your abdominal strong. The knees have to be parallel and flexed. Next, we do an elbow flexion, heading backward, not sideways, and we go up and down. To make it a little more complicated, stretch your legs, and do the same movement. 

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