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Go to the gym with laces, yes or no?

Stiffness appears whether you have been exercising for a long time, or if you train more one day. That intense pain in the muscles does not allow you to move well; it punctures and appears after making a sports effort. Although these little punctures pass over the days and are not too harmful to health, it is normal that you have wondered what to do when they appear. Yes or no to go to the gym with shoelaces? The answer may vary.

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On the one hand, some say that the shoelaces are passed with the continued sport. On the other, we should rest a few days and then resume exercise. So what should we do? To know the answer, we must first understand what the laces consist of.

What are shoelaces?

When we subject a muscle to an exercise it is not used to (either because we have not exercised in a while or because it is more intense than we are used to), micro-breaks occur. It is a clear symptom that sport is affecting our muscles.

Therefore, the laces are a sign that we have done with the correct energy. They appear between one and two days after exercise, and it is important to note that exercise should be progressive, gradually increasing. Laces help build muscle fibre and make it stronger so, in principle, they should not be an excuse to stop our routine.

Go to the gym or not?

Laces are simply the result of the effort of our muscle to overcome an exercise. Therefore, we should not stop going to the gym because we have them. However, we must be realistic and keep in mind the intensity of our stiffness since it is essential to listen to what our body tells us.

+If they are intense and painful, with a certain loss of joint mobility (we cannot rotate the arm or leg well), it means that the exercise has been very intense and that the muscles need to recover. Therefore, we should take a 2-3 day break until they decrease. Rest, in this case, is the best option.

+If they are mild, and we strive to follow our routine, we will get the effect to pass and, at the same time, the muscles adapt to the intensity of the exercise. In this case, what we have always heard is true: laces are spent doing more sport. 

How to reduce stiffness?

There are methods to reduce the pain or stiffness to carry out our routine. Surely you have heard them many times and, if you have put them into practice, you will have realized that they are very effective. We talk about warm-up and stretching.


Taking our time to warm up the body for exercise is very important. Some say – by way of chascarrillo – that you have to heat the eyelashes. Start at the feet and end at the head, rotating each joint, activate for 3-4 minutes and notice how your body warms up for exercise. Thus, you will be able to prepare the muscles and calm the pain.


When we stretch well with laces, we feel relief. It is as if our muscles are loosening. However, it can be said that many people finish the training without stretching and we must keep in mind that it is as important a process as warming up or doing the routine. Take time to stretch each part of your body, because thanks to this you will be able to regain joint mobility, avoid injuries, get rid of pain little by little, improve blood circulation in the affected area, maintain or increase flexibility and feel good.

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